Have you always been unsatisfied with thin or sparse eyebrows?  Sick of using eyebrow filler everyday?  Learn about semi permanent Eyebrow Microneeding in Kansas City from AesthetiCare MedSpa!

We all know that eyebrows are meant to ‘make’ our face!  As one of the most prominent features on our faces, thin or overly sparse eyebrows can be challenging to ‘fake’ everyday.  Whether through use of powder, pencils, or liner, the worst is when an eyebrow accidentally gets smudged off in the middle of a day.

How does AesthetiCare approach permanent makeup in Kansas City?

With Eyebrow Microneeding in Kansas City from Aestheticare MedSpa, we can help you achieve thicker, fuller, natural-looking brows every day of the week with no work!  Microneeding is a form of permanent makeup that is a form of tattoo artistry that is hand-performed and then pigment is inserted underneath the skin.  Because each and every hair is tattooed individually, you can’t find a more natural-looking result anywhere else.  Best of all, our Kansas City med spa is clean, safe, sterile – and our highly trained staff will make you feel welcome and comfortable.  Don’t stress about visiting a tattoo shop for permanent makeup in Kansas City – Aestheticare is a much better place to visit!

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Eyebrow Microblading

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